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Enrol in our startup program and get 50% off any Plan for the first year.

Get you planning right and increase your chances of funding

Every startup deserves to succeed. Many fail because of unrealistic plans, poor benchmarks, and lack of funding.

It's even getting harder in the current economic environment. Knowing your numbers will be paramount.

 We really want you to reach your goals and are happy to offer you a 50% discounted price on any Plan in the first year, through our Startup Program. With Lean-Case Startup Program you’ll get great business plans, impressive pitches, and a real chance to get funded, for half of the fee.

Plan and run your business like a pro

Modelling and tracking a business is hard work. You often have to re-invent the obvious in Excel, with no benchmarks at hand, no idea about the viability of your case, and no learnings. Now, with Lean-Case you get the perfect solution to:

Plan growth smarter

Take decision faster

Track progress smoother

Lean-Case sets a Standard

Lean-Case should be the Standard for every VC! We've been able to raise our initial round of $36m for Newstore working with the Lean-Case Team. The approach is focused on the customer lifecycle which is the key driver for revenue planning. Logical but very hard to do in spreadsheets.

Transparency creating trust

I never felt so close to my teams and in control of my investment portfolio. Lean-Case offers great projection features and allows a level of interactivity that we all appreciate. This kind of transparency between startups and us, investors, is something we all needed. It creates trust and is greatly appreciated.

For any startup portfolio

Really enjoyed working with Lean-Case and our latest cohort. A very useful set of tools to help build robust and defensible financial models. Highly recommended for any startup portfolio!

Investor Trust

Ask any startup founder and they will tell you that the hardest part in succeeding is not getting funding for a great idea. I don’t think we would have managed to get our investors trust us without the solid business plan we’ve built with the help of Lean-Case.

Loved by Corporate Investors

With Lean-Case, we created a revenue focused, transparent and logical financial plan for our follow up round. Highly professional, super efficient and loved by our corporate investors.

Business Focus

Trying to understand Excel Models to evaluate a business opportunity if frustrating. Lean-Case provides right platform to evaluate opportunities focusing the discussion on business assumptions and learnings. Now we can really focus on what matters, growing the business!

In our incubator, we get to work with fantastic people with brilliant ideas, but little business experience. Lean-Case has offered us the means to help them understand what matters in their plans and what investors really want to see, and that makes all the difference.

More Funding

Our job, as an accelerator has become much easier since we are using Lean-Case. We got on the same page with our startups, our plans and pitches look better than ever before and we see real results in getting more funding.

Having all the cases of our startups in one place and being able to adjust them dynamically has been a tremendous help for us. Lean-Case is really the only software were we were able to model very specific business cases, in great detail, and that made all the difference.

Outperforming other tools

As a serial entrepreneur, I tried different business planning software before. Lean-Case has really impressed me with its complex business models that are fully customizable. I am able to create solid plans, with a level of detail that I could not access before, with the other tools available on the market.

Metrics which Matter

We were introduced to Lean-Case through our accelerator and we loved it right from the start. We are typical "Excel Modelers", but this amazing software got us understand what metrics matter for the business and the investors, how to plan the right way and how to get a flawless pitch.

Stephan Schambach Serial Entrepreneur - Newstore, Demandware, Intershop
Eduardo Shoval General Partner - OurCrowd First
Alex Wrottesley Head of Geovation Accelerator, London
Aran Hamilton President / Co-Founder - Vantage
Elmar Eperiesi-Beck CEO & Founder - eperi Software
Ingo Franz Venture Partner - Kreaxi
Dr. Sebastian Schäfer CEO Techquartier
Ram Shoham Founder - Frankfurt Accelerator
Ed Smith Program Manager
Jarkko Anttiroiko Co Founder & CEO - Enterpay
Simone Di Somma CEO INNaaS

Enrol in the Program

Enrol in our startup program and get 50% off any Plan for the first year.
First, please check if you are eligible, by 
reading our conditions.

Lean-Case Startup Program Conditions:

Eligibility is subject to these qualifications and terms:

  • The 50% discount applies to any of our paid plans for the first year
  • Only new customers can join the program
  • You've received less than $2M in funding.
  • You have less than $1M in annual revenue.
  • Startups must be part of an accelerator or an incubator program. If you don’t find yours in the list, please select “not listed here” and we’ll contact them to check if they want to join our program.
  • To apply for Lean-Case startup pricing, start a free 7-day trial and enroll to see if you qualify. Some qualifications may be waived for members of participating accelerators, VC funds, or partner networks.
    Eligibility is subject to verification by Lean-Case and falsely misrepresenting your eligibility will result in the immediate removal of your discount and a possible repayment to Lean-Case for any discounts you received. The discount only applies to subscription charges. 

For more questions on the program, please contact us!